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Hundreds of finishEs available

We offer designer patterns and styles to suit individual interior designs. Whatever your interior layout is, we will design and install a unit, which can both compliment your interior design and transform your home interior.

Every Inch wardrobe is made to your specifications, with the most premium finishes available on the market today together with some brilliant storage innovations that together offer exceptional design and usability.
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Door Designs

You can choose from our design range or we can make a special design for you.
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Profile shapes

optimal storage space

Sliding door wardrobes make a perfect addition to your bedroom, when you look for optimal storage space that does not compromise on quality and performance. Furthermore, you get a whole range of designs, colours, patterns, sizes and shapes that blend with the planned interiors of your bedroom and yet stand out as unique in every way. The fitted or stand-alone sliding wardrobes are built to make use of available space and installed to ensure that no space is left unused.
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Designed for your space

Our team of experienced designers and installers specialise in sliding door wardrobes. We provide a range of products that work for a variety of spaces, and our wardrobes are built based on adjustable and flexible frames to optimise storage space. Wardrobes with sliding doors are an extremely popular choice among our customers because of the many benefits they offer.
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